X50 Mixed Frag Package - Assorted Live Coral - * *Bulk Save* *Tank Filler*


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$9 Dollars Per Frag
Assorted Frag Package will include and random selection from the list below:
Brain Coral - Favites Lime Green
Brain Coral - Green - Australia
Brain Coral - Red - Fiji
Brain Coral: Red - Fiji
Bubble Coral: Green
Bubble Pearl Coral: Green
Button Coral Cynarina - Colored Green Glass
Chalice Echinophyllia Coral: Super Color - Australia
Cup Coral Lettuce : Yellow - Maricultured
Cup Coral: Green
Echinophyllia Chalice: Color - Fiji
Echinophyllia Chalice: Color Super
Echinophyllia Chalice: Color Super - Australia
Elegance Coral: Color Tip
Elegance Coral: Green
Elegance Coral: Green - Australia
Elegance Coral: Metallic w/ Colored Tip - Australia
Favia Brain Coral: Color
Assorted Frogspwan
Assorted Mushrom
Assorted Zoa
Assorted Polpys
Favia Brain Coral: Super
Favia Brain: Color - Australia
Favia Brain: Red Super Color
Goniopora Coral: Metallic - Australia
Hammer Coral - Green
Hammer Coral Wall: Gold
Hammer Coral Wall: Metallic
Hammer Coral: Branch Color - Australia
Hammer Coral: Metallic Australia
Hammer Coral: Metallic, Aus
Hammer Coral: Pink/Peach Aust
Hammer Coral: Wall - Colored
Hammer Coral: Wall - Metallic
Hammer Wall Coral: Color - Australia
Bullseye Mushroom: Color
Giant Cup Mushroom: Green
Green Mushroom
Mushroom Coral - GIANT Cup
Mushroom Coral: Green
Mushroom Coral: Super Green
Lobophyllia Brain Coral: Colored
Lobophyllia Brain Coral: Colored - Fiji
Lobophyllia Brain Coral: Super Colored
Pagoda Cup Coral
Pagoda Cup Coral: Green
Plate Coral: Colored - Long Tentacle
Plate Coral: Metallic
Platygyra Brain Coral: Super - Australia
Round Brain Coral: Green
Round Brain Coral: Green Metallic
Round Brain: Red Super
Symphyllia Brain: Super Color
Tongue Coral
Torch Coral: Metallic
Torch Coral: Metallic Cultured
Blue - Green Sympodium
Blueberry Gorgonian
Carnation / Cauliflower Coral: Colored
Christmas Tree Coral
Colt Soft Coral
Crown Leather: Green
Finger Leather Coral: Green
Finger Leather: Hairy Green
Flower Leather Coral
Flower Leather: Green
Leather Toadstool Coral
Leather Toadstool Coral: Green
Lemnalia Soft Coral
Lemnalia Soft Coral: Colored
Orange Soft Coral
Rasta Leather Coral: Green - Australia
Silk Coral - Red / Orange
Umbrella Leather Coral
Umbrella Leather Green Polyp - Australia
Button Polyp (Paly): Metallic
Button Polyp (Palythoa): Color
Clove (Daisy) Polyp: Green
Colony Rock (Zoa): Pink Super
Colony Rock (Zoanthid): Green Super
Colony Rock (Zoanthid): Pink
Colony Rock (Zoanthid):Eagle Eye Super
Colony Rock: Pink - Super
Colony Rock: Super (Zoanthid)
Glove Polyp Green Metallic
Glove Polyp: Green
Glove Polyp: Green Metallic
Rainbow Polyp
Star Polyp: Green
Star Polyp: Metallic
Yellow Polyp


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