Freshwater Inverts

Invertebrates like snails, shrimp, crayfish and crabs are scavengers that can help rid your tank of built-up fish food and other waste products, thus making your tank a healthier environment for your fish. If are looking for a simple way to keep your tank clean, consider adding a freshwater invertebrate to your tank.

The main benefit of keeping invertebrates in your tank is that they will help to control the build-up of detritus in your aquarium. Detritus is a term that refers to organic waste and uneaten fish food that builds up in your aquarium substrate, affecting the water quality in your tank. Invertebrates are often referred by aquarium hobbyists as a sort of “cleanup crew” because they naturally feed on these materials, thus safely removing them from your tank. Another benefit of freshwater invertebrates is that many of them are quite colorful and can add to the overall appearance of your tank.