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Our Guarantee To You!!!
We go to great lengths to ensure that every WYSIWYG Corals you see is the item you will receive as we quarantine all corals for 14 days before you will even see them to make sure they are all healthy, as we are 100% WYSIWYG store and make sure your order will be as healthy as can be. We use only the highest quality shipping materials and the best packing procedures to help ensure that your new livestock reaches your tank in great condition.
All coral and other livestock photos are taken under T5 10k/460nm bulbs with a high-quality digital camera, and accurately represent the items in our tanks.

*Please note that corals WILL look different from our photos under any other lighting than what we use. We only show you the true colors of the item with our lights. There are many other lights on the market that you may own and may even make the items look better than the picture.

Coloration is also dependent on shipping stress, water quality, and other tank parameters we have no control over, so we can't guarantee an exact color match in your tank. Rest assured however that as long as you have a clean and stable tank, most corals will retain or regain their coloration.