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The Advantages of Refugium Algae

A refugium without macroalgae is (at least to many of us) like a reef tank without live rock.

An established refugium can aid in the removal of pollutants in the display aquarium, so that undesirable species of algae will not grow. Many aquarists use this area not only to grow macroalgae, but also to house live sand and live rock and raise amphipods and copepods that are found in live rock. These small crustaceans are used to feed delicate fish such as Anthias sp. and different species of Dragonets.

• Macroalgae provide a prime microhabitat for a host of beneficial small animals (e.g. copepods) and microorganisms.
• Macroalgae can be as interesting and rewarding to keep as any aquarium species.
• Macroalgae are quite beautiful and add a nice splash of exotic form, color and texture to any reef system (whether in the main tank or in the refugium).



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