Arrive Alive Guarantee

Please Read:

All aquarium livestock are hand-picked, carefully screened for size and exceptional color, quality, and health by our expert hobbyists.

If your livestock does not arrive alive, we will offer you a larger credit than what your DOA was worth OR refund your money back for the DOA.

We have very competitive prices, unlike most online retailers. Because of our Low prices we will only honor an arrive alive guarantee only. Please contact us within 2 hrs for any issues regarding your order. We will ask for some pictures of the livestock and maybe a few questions. **Please Keep The Livestock in the Bag**

Shipping Charges of $54.99 is Non Refundable


If the livestock is acclimated to your tank water chemistry, we will not be able to honor a refund. Due to all hobbyist water chemistry being different and some hobbyist water conditions are in parameters and some are out of parameters.

**PLEASE NOTE:  We do not offer Arrive Alive Guarantee the following: 



Sting Rays

Ghost Shrimp


Livestock that appears dead often recovers once properly acclimated. The depressed pH level in the water the animal was shipped in may create the appearance of death. It is important to note marine life from any online fish store will be subjected to some form of stress when packed, shipped and acclimated into a new aquarium. Stress weakens animals' immune systems and increases the likelihood of infection. That is why we strongly encourage you to quarantine all new arrivals before adding them to your display tank.

We urge you to quarantine new livestock for at least 14 days before adding the animals to your display tank. We are not responsible for disease-related problems that arise from improperly introducing new marine life.


Under the following circumstances we WILL NOT be able to honor our warranty:

Orders not received on the first delivery attempt.
Orders not held for pick up at the FEDEX/UPS facility when temperatures are greater than 90 degrees or lower than 40 degrees.
Orders placed during extreme weather will not be cover under our alive arrive guaranteed.

If the weather delays a flight or closes an airport, you live stock will be delayed. Fedex has no control over the weather, nor does

If your Live Stock is delayed, Damaged, or Never Delivered due to severe weather condition, Fedex will not honor GUARANTEES, and therefore neither can