Wrasses are from the labridae family.  Wrasses are the second largest species of fish in the ocean scene on reefs around the world.  There are also 500 species with 60 genre.  Wrasses come in interesting shapes and sizes with eachhaving different eating habits. The majority of wrasses are small and found in warm tropical waters, you can also find them as far away as Norway. 

Wrasses are most active in the daytime forging in shallow reef areas.  Some wrasses have unusual swimming movements such as the Thalassoma genus of wrasse.  It swims through the water with bursts of energy exclusively from their pectoral fins scouting rocks and sand for organisms to eat.  Most larger wrasses are carnivores eating any type of invertebrate, including urchins, brittle star and feather duster; you will notice them with meaty food banging it on a piece of live rock as if to dismantle it into smaller parts.