Terms And Conditions *PLEASE READ*

Thank you for visiting YourFishStore.com.  We have made some significant changes to our online inventory and policies. We added our smaller items to our inventory, with a charge of $54.99 Shipping.  Orders over $150 ships for Free nationwide using discount code YFS150.  This change allows us to list our lower priced items.  You will still have the opportunity to buy bulk packages and still qualify for our WYSIWYG bulk discounts.
Below are the changes to our policies:
1. We added a surcharge of $25.99, for orders. 
All orders over $150 ships for Free (DISCOUNT CODE: YFS150)
2. All Fish Packages ships for FREE with no minimum. 
3.  Our WYSIWYG collection ships for FREE when using the bulk discounts. 
e will make sure we make up it you!  
We apologize again and thank you visiting  YourFishStore. 
VERY IMPORTANT: If YFS deem that your order is not in an excellent condition to ship out OR if there are weather concerns (Too Cold, Too Hot, Holiday Traffic, Etc.) we will return your money back to you.

**The order can always be placed again when the weather breaks or we get better condition livestock. We return the funds because it typically takes 2-3 days to transfer back over to your account. We do not want to hold your money until the following week's shipment cycle. **

Shipping: To keep shipping FREE and livestock prices LOW... We Ship Out orders on Wednesday of every week to arrival on Thursday. We may get a few orders out on odd days. FedEx Priority is the only shipping method we use.

Livestock: It is very important to us that we ship out quality livestock. Our warehouse staff thoroughly inspects each livestock before it is bagged and ship. We also feed our livestock over the weekend and ensure they have an appetite and proper eating with no issues. This is the last time we will feed the livestock before they are shipped out. This will minimize the amount of Ammonia in the bag during shipping.

Additionally: YFS do NOT honor any issues with FedEx shipment delays BUT We will try our best to work you on shipping out another order. FedEx is the most reliable overnight shipping method, and usually, there are NO issues using this method.
Our primary concern is the health and safety of your fish.  To achieve this standard, we professionally package all aquatic life in the best materials and use the most direct and reliable shipping method which is FedEx Overnight.
Our fish come from distributors who have already acclimated the fish to aquarium conditions after arrival from around the world.  Fish are then hand-picked and prepared for shipment to you.  Fish are packaged in properly conditioned saltwater with correct pH levels in heavy-duty poly bags to cushion and protect.  Each bag is filled with oxygen for optimal conditions and secured by a professional bag sealing technology.  The water and airtight bags are then housed in Styrofoam coolers along with a heat or ice pack, as seasonal conditions dictate. 
Acclimation Guide - Click Here
If any items arrive dead, please follow these instructions below and we will refund your money within 24-48hrs.
1. Take picture of item deceased item inside the UNOPENED bag showing the seal is intact still within 1 hour after arrival. 
2. Take the item out of the bag and take pictures of the deceased item.
3. Email Support@YourFishStore.com with the pictures of the deceased and invoice number. A claim is not considered submitted until the guarantee request is made and a picture is provided. We appreciate your support and cooperation.
All refund are voided if the above steps are not followed and we do not receive the claim within 1 hour after the package arrived. 
*Sharks, Sting Rays, and Anemones are not covered under the Arrive Alive Guarantee policy.*
(These items are very sensitive in nature.  We ensure they are healthy and properly accepting food.  Due to FedEx Shipping, these items can take a turn for the worst very quickly, which is out of our control.)
We love to give away free Fish, Inverts, and Corals to our customers.  We have eight HUGE tanks set aside for free items.  We try to keep these tanks stock with free items for our customers but at times we do run out due to the number of free items we give away on a daily basis.
Please note.... If we don't have your exact free item you request with your order, we will add the next closest free item that is compatible with your order.  
Freebie Policy:
1. Only one freebie PER order.  Any additional will be cancel or the order could be canceled.  
2. Use only Freebie for purchase amount. 
3.  Freebies are not covered under arrive alive guarantee. 
We love to give freebie and discount codes to our valued customers.  We only permit One discount code Per Order.  There is a lot of combination and different discount codes that we have posted on our website.  
But please remember only One Discount Per Order.