x4 Assorted Premnas Biaculeatus Clown Fish Grab Bag- Med Sizes +1 FREE Bubble Anemone Free Shipping


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x4 Assorted Premnas Biaculeatus Clown Fish Grab Bag- Med Sizes
+1 FREE Bubble Anemone Free Shipping
This package includes a random x4 Four Clown Fish from the list below.  
Possible Assorted Biaculeatus Picks
Lightning Maroon
Gold Nugget Maroon
Goldflake Maroon
White Gold Maroon
White Stripe Maroon
Gold Stripe Maroon
White Lightning Maroon Maroon
White Sparky Maroon Maroon

Experience Level: Beginner
Aquarium Hardiness: Very Hardy
Minimum Tank Size: 40 gal (114 L)
Size of fish - inches: 6.3 inches (16.00 cm)
Temperament: Aggressive
Temperature: 74.0 to 82.0° F (23.3 to 27.8° C)
Range ph: 7.8-8.4

Maroon Clowns are bred in captivity. They are available individually as well as in pairs, but Maroons are always a bit more expensive than most of the other clownfish species. Depending on their looks some of the descriptive common names they are known by include Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish, Yellow stripe Maroon Clownfish, and White Stripe Maroon Clownfish, along with the two “designer” names of Llghtning Maroon Clownfish, and Orange Jaw Purple Maroon Clownfish.

This is a great fish for the beginner because it is very hardy, but it can get fairly large and can be very territorial. “Meaner than a junkyard dog” may be the first thing that comes to mind with this beauty because it is one of the few clowns that can hold its own in an aggressive tank. It makes an interesting "character" in the aquarium but is so aggressive that it's difficult to keep even with other damsels. Females have been known to rush to the front of the tank and shake their pectoral fins back and forth to warn visitors of their ferocious and fearless nature, sometimes even picking up and spitting rocks or pieces of gravel!

Maroon Clownfish should not be kept with docile fish such as gobies, dartfish, etc., and they will kill other clownfish. Be willing to remove other fish from the tank, since a Maroon Clownfish may decide one day that a particular fish needs to die! Having a spare tank up and running is a great idea until your tank is fully stocked and all your charges are getting along. They are great for an aggressive tank theme. This is one fish that does well with more belligerent fish like triggers and large angelfish, just make sure to add the clownfish first and give it time to settle in. These clownfish are easy to keep with larger semi-aggressive fish and smaller aggressive fish like line wrasses, as well as most eels. Large Anthias may hold their own with this clown, and dwarf angelfish who are more aggressive may also hold their own in a larger tank. Still, keep an eye on these fish to make sure they are not being attacked.

Captive bred clownfish are very hardy and durable fish making them a perfect addition for the novice or seasoned aquarist. The Maroon Clownfish is a good candidate for a reef aquarium. The Maroon Clownfish are the most territorial of all clownfish species. Maroon Clownfish are very sensitive to elevated levels of copper, and should never be exposed to levels near or above.


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