X8 Black Lace Veil Angel Fish Sm/Med 1"-2" Fresh Water


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X8 Black Lace Veil Angel Fish Sm/Med 1"-2" Fresh Water
Origin: Amazon
Tank Temperature: 76-82°F
pH: 6.5-7.5 (except Pterophyllum leopoldi, which needs pH 6.8-7.0)
Tank Requirements: Provide plants, driftwood, and other hiding places. 30 gallon tank or larger recommended.
Feeding: Omnivorous; will eat shrimp, flakes, small pellets or granules, and meaty frozen foods, such as brine shrimp and bloodworms; feed once daily
Behavior: Angelfish can be territorial in smaller tanks, so be sure to provide adequate space. They are especially territorial and aggressive when breeding and protecting eggs and young.
Compatibility: Community Safe. They are best kept in pairs in smaller tanks, and in groups of 5 or more in larger tanks. They should not be kept with "fin-nippers" such as Tiger Barbs.
Freshwater Angelfish are overwhelmingly popular in the aquarium hobby, and its easy to see why. With their assorted color patterns and beautiful flowing fins, these fish truly live up to their name.
Angelfish are generally peaceful, although they can become territorial if there is inadequate space for them to live happily. A breeding couple may also become particularly nippy when protecting eggs or young. Be sure your tank is large enough to allow each fish to have their own space, and also be sure the tank is tall enough to allow the fish space for their longer finnage. The recommended tank size of 30 gallons is for a single fish or pair; increase the tank size for a community tank including angelfish. Beware of fin-nipping tankmates such as barbs. Angel fins are very tempting to these fish!
A planted tank is a great home for angelfish, plus other decor, such as driftwood and rockwork, makes great hide-out areas for your fish. Water quality is also important for your angels, so keep an eye on your ammonia and nitrite levels, and be sure to perform water changes regularly.
Angels aren't too fussy when it comes to diet. Feed them a variety such as flake or small pellets/granules once a day, changing it up with a meaty frozen food such as brine shrimp or bloodworms as their second feeding. When cared for properly, angelfish are a very friendly and rewarding species to keep!


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