X5 Package - Assorted Jellybean Parrot Cichlid / +1 Free (Total 6) Assorted Jellybean Cichlid Sml 1"- 1 1/2" Each


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Care Level: Easy - Moderate
Temperature: 70 to 85F
pH: 7.8 to 9.0
Cichlid Care:
The optimum aquarium temperature for Cichlids is around 72°F - 82°F (22°C-28°C). Higher temperatures will require less aquarium stocking.

Cichlids are one of the other very popular types of aquarium fish. Because of their distinct colours and aggressive nature they appeal to a wide range of aquarists. They originate from south America, in areas with a solid rock base such as limestone within a fresh water lake.

The most well-known is probably lake Malawi, one of the largest freshwater lakes in existence. Due to rocks such as limestone bordering the lake, it has caused there to be a very high pH and hardness within the water system.

Due to a different type of water they are usually unable to be put with other community fish unless they share the same water parameters. There are two major types of cichlids, African and American, it is uncommon to house both species as they appear to be more aggressive toward each other, it is better to choose one of the two.


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Fish come from distributors who have already acclimated the fish to aquarium conditions after arrival from around the world. Fish are then hand-picked and prepared for shipment to you. Fish are packaged in properly conditioned saltwater with correct pH levels in heavy-duty poly bags to cushion and protect. Each bag is filled with oxygen for optimal conditions and secured by a professional bag sealing technology. The water and airtight bags are then housed in Styrofoam coolers along with a heat or ice pack, as seasonal conditions dictate.



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