X5 Large Pleco Florida Sucker Fish 4" - 5" Tank Cleaners! Free Shipping


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x5 LARGE Pleco Florida Sucker Fish 4" - 5" Tank Cleaners! FREE SHIPPING BULK

This package is for x5 Pleco Sucker Fish
The name "plecostomus" means "folded mouth" Pleco is a common name for fish from the familyLoricariidae but has extended to the family Hypostomus plecostomus known as a sucker fish
Many types of suckermouth armoured catfishes remain undescribed. As a result, they are given a common name and an L-number designation until a new scientific name is agreed upon.
They are extremely popular in aquariums for their ability to clean tanks by eating algae growth and dead fish.
Plecos are omnivorous, but in the wild feed nocturnally mostly on plant material. During the day, their unusual omega irises block a lot of light out of their eyes, but they are usually open at night. They can roll their eyes within their sockets, giving the appearance of winking. Plecos are usually skittish and quickly hide whenever they sense danger.
All three suckermouth catfishes (family Loricariidae) in Florida have rows of bony plates covering all but their belly area. Sailfin catfish are distinguished by worm-like pattern of dark markings on the head over a dark-golden background; pectoral fins stout with rough surfaces resembling course sandpaper; disc-like, protrusible mouth is under the head, and used like a suction cup to attach and feed on algae; females tend to be smaller, and fish larger than 18 inches probably males; lifeless and hollowed-out 'armored' bodies sometimes seen on canal and lake banks

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