X20 Congo Tetra Package


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*This package contains 20 Fish
Approx 1/2" - 1 1/2" Each
Feeding Your Fish:
Be careful not to overfeed your fish! Any food the fish does not eat will pollute the tank. Experts suggest feeding your fish relatively small amounts of food once or twice a day. If they eat all of the food within a few minutes, it is okay to add a bit more, as long as they eat all (or at least most) of it within a short period of time. Over time, you will get a better idea for how much food the fish can eat, and you can adjust the feeding amounts to fit the needs of your fish. The experts at your local pet shop can demonstrate good feeding practices as well as suggest food options for your fish. In terms of nutritional needs, please remember that fish are the same as their non-fluorescent counterparts. Flaked food and live food such as brine shrimp are good options.
Water Temperature:
Every kind of fish has its own temperature preferences. In general, fish can live in a fairly wide temperature range, anywhere from 64-86°F (18–30°C), but prefer temperatures of 72-80°F (22-27°C). Depending upon the temperature of the room in which your aquarium is maintained, an aquarium heater may be helpful to maintain this temperature range. The most important thing to remember is to avoid quick temperature changes, since these can be fatal for the fish.


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