x2 (Two) Assorted Clam Package / 2" - 3" Each


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Two handpicked clams.  This package contains two 2-3" clams.  Each Clam will be different. 
Clams are a wonderful, low-maintenance addition to any tank, as they naturally filter out some microorganisms and make beautiful, decorative structures on the bottom of your aquarium. However, just because they are low maintenance doesn't mean that they don't require any work at all. With a little knowledge, you can easily make clams a part of your next aquatic ecosystem.

They utilize some dissolved nutrients and particulate matter in the water as food, but are photosynthetic so require intense lighting--the products of photosynthesis provide most of the nutritional requirements of most clams, especially larger clams. Clams smaller than about 1.5 inches can be somewhat difficult to maintain, larger clams are easily maintained with proper water quality and lighting due to the larger mantle and the clam's ability to produce enough food for itself from photosynthesis. All invertebrates, including clams, require full strength natural saltwater parameters. Clams smaller than about 1.5 inches can be more difficult to maintain due to their need for supplemental feeding.

Clams need a security firm base to attach their foot. Without a firm substrate such as rock or rock rubble your clam cannot attach, a natural and relatively rapid process, and therefore is vulnerable to predators. We keep clams in our system with gravel or rubble so that we can easily handle them and ship them without damaging the foot. Most clams, especially cultured, attach to this rubble very quickly. In your tank you should have some rock or rock rubble under your clams so they can naturally attach, They should never be glued in place or otherwise artificially attached and must have enough room to naturally open and close.

Water Conditions & Lighting
Tridacna Clams need strong lighting to survive long term because they receive most of their nutrition from the products of photosynthesis, we highly recommend 250 or 400 watt metal halide lighting or equivalent, such as intense LEDs. Clams, corals, and all invertebrates require saltwater that has full strength natural saltwater STABLE parameters: Specific Gravity 1.025-1.027, alkalinity 8dKH, calcium 450+, Magnesium 1300+. Clams have a better survival rate in tanks that are not the most nutrient poor. Clams do well in tanks where there is a good fish population that is well fed thus resulting in slightly higher nutrients in the water that clams then utilize.

Coloration in clams is greatly affected by viewing angle. All of our photos are top down shots. Color will vary in your tank especially if viewed from the side and under different lighting. Photos shown are accurate in our tanks photographed under 14K MH lighting. Due to changes in viewing angles and with so many lighting possibilities in different tanks you may see different coloration.


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