X2 Alveopora Lps - Frag Coral Lps - Includes Free Mystery Frag


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*Each order includes FREE Mystery Frag
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: High
Waterflow: Strong
Placement: Top
High lighting levels
High, variable and turbulent water flow
Stable water temperature - 75°F - 82°F (24°C - 28°C)
Very low levels of nitrate and phosphate - these two can really decrease the growth rates in SPS
Stable and high levels of calcium (400 - 450 ppm), magnesium and alkalinity
Proper care of LPS include:
Proper calcium and alkalinity maintenance. Calcium reactors and kalk reactors are great ways to take the daily maintenance out of this. Two part additives like B-ionic work well for smaller systems if you don't mind the daily routine.
Maintaining pristine water conditions is a must. Low fish levels make this easy. Monthly water changes are a must. The more fish you have, the larger water change you need to do. I just stick with a 25% WC to stay on the safe side even though I have a relatively low fish load (11 fish in 475G system). A good protein skimmer is a must in my opinion. RO/DI water is also a must.
Move your coral around your tank until you find a place where it thrives. Some like higher flow and lighting than others. Make sure they have good polyp extension.
Maintain consistent water temperature. Anything consistently above 82-83 degrees is not good for corals. They thrive better at 82 or less in my opinion.
Give 'em room to grow. That 1" frag will be an 8" wide mother colony in a few years time.
Buy corals with contrasting colors and aqua-scape with that in mind. Contrast is what makes them all look even better.
Proper lighting is a must. While it is possible to keep SPS corals alive with VHO or compact fluorescent lighting in shallow tanks, 175-watt metal halide lighting should be considered as the minimum amount of lighting in a typical 75-gallon tank.


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