X12 Stone Cat Fish 1" - 2" Each - Fresh Water


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x12 Stone Catfish 1" - 2" Each - FRESH WATER LIVE FISH YourFishStore
This package is for x12 Stone Catfish
Temperature: 64-75°F (18-24°C)
pH: 5.6-7.6
Hardness: 8-15°H
It will accept most small foods, including dried pellets, but should be offered a diet composed mainly of live and frozen varieties, such as bloodworm, daphnia etc. It’s strictly a noctunal feeder so add food after lights out to ensure it gets its share.
Provide as many hiding places as possible, along with a soft, sandy substrate. The addition of some dried beech or oak leaves and pieces of driftwood would simulate the natural habitat of the fish nicely. The water must be kept clean, relatively cool and well-oxygenated or the fish will suffer as its natural waters are high in dissolved oxygen.
A very peaceful little cat that fits well into communities of other small species, or into a biotope setup with other Asian stream-dwelling species, such as Dario sp. and danios. Don’t keep it with any active bottom-dwelling species or it will be out-competed for food easily. It can be kept with others of its own kind without any problems, and in fact prefers to be kept in a group.


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