X12 Acro Acropora Frag Package Assorted Live Coral *Bulk Save


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WYSIWYG - (What you see is what you get) 


Frags size - 3/4" to 1"+ in size (If auction is for frag)


Shipping Method - FedEx Next Day Priority Overnight 


Materials Used - An insulated box and heat/cool packs (according to ambient temperatures) will keep the fish/coral comfortable until they arrive to you.



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  • https://yourfishstore.com/products/x12-acro-acropora-frag-package-assorted-live-coral-free-shipping-bulk-save-1 Is this WYSIWYG?

    Hello,  This is not a WYSIWYG package but we will hand select some nice frags for you out of package.  We also did a major WYSIWYG ACRO update.  You can find them on the below link.   https://yourfishstore.com/collections/wysiwyg-acro