X10 Golden Puffer / Avocado Bronze Sml 1" - 2" Each


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This package contains TEN Golden Puffers



The Golden Puffer Auriglobus modestus is a freshwater puffer fish that has a sleek body rather than the more club-like appearance of most puffers. Its beautiful iridescent coloration, modulates between golden, green, and bronze hues. This is also an unusual characteristic more commonly seen in marine fish. Fortunately for the freshwater enthusiast it will do fine in pure freshwater. With its variable coloration it can also be found under the common names Bronze Puffer and Avocado Puffer.

Puffers are generally known as being aggressive fins nippers and the Golden Puffer or Avocado Puffer is no exception. This puffer is more streamlined and quicker than most other puffer species which can cause problems when choosing tank mates. Fish that are slow or have long fins definitely won't last long in a tank with Golden Puffers. Also, most invertebrates will quickly be attacked or eaten so snails and shrimp cannot be kept with this puffer (but they are great as food!).

The Golden Puffer is not a community fish. It is much faster then most puffers and can be extremely aggressive. Constant moving fish like schools of Giant Danios or other danio species are very fast fish, so usually fair pretty well. Do not try to introduce long finned slow swimming fish like Angelfish or Gouramis. These fish will be targets for the puffers aggression.


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