X1 Freshwater Lionfish - Batrachomoeus Trispinosus -


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Freshwater Stonefish / Lionfish
Genus: Batrachomoeus
Species: B. trispinosus
See Below for Care Details
Maximum Size: 12”
Aggression: Mid
Temperature: 72-82 F
pH: 7.5-8.5
Hardness: 15-25 dH
Brackish Tolerance: 1.005-1.025
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons
Feeding: Shrimp, Krill, Squid, Mysis shrimp, pieces of fish and shellfish. May need live foods like earthworms or ghost shrimp until used to frozen
Notes: The Freshwater Stonefish is actually a brackish to marine fish that will survive in Freshwater, for a time, but will need Marine Salt mix to survive long term.
Freshwater Stonefish are generally inactive in the home aquarium. They spend most of the day hiding in rockwork or under a thin layer of substrate and are more active at night. Lighting in the tank should be subdued. Though predatory, they are not especially aggressive fish (though they may bite the aquarist if hands are kept in the tank). Large, non-aggressive fish like Scats, Monos, and Archerfish are good choices for tankmates. Nippy fish are likely to be stung. Avoid housing with any fish that are significantly smaller (around two-thirds the size of the Stonefish or smaller) than they are, as these fish will likely be eaten.
As with many of their relatives, these fish are very venomous and can present a danger to the aquarist (especially those who are allergic to animal/insect stings). The sting is not likely to be fatal but care should still be taken with these fish. Always keep an eye on them when doing tank maintenance and keep hands out of the tank as much as possible. Running any stung areas under hot water may help with the pain should an injury occur.


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  • Have 2 75 gallon tanks would like peacock pass...assorted 10 of.them how.much would that be also do they grow.very fast also would like.2 red tail cats .can I get a price on these items

    Hello,  Yes Please email us for this custom package.