Walt Smith Reef Rock 2.1 21kg Box

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Available in 3 different volumes:
11lb - Great for pico and nano tanks. Rock sizes can vary from small baseballs to small footballs

22lb - Great for nano tanks. Rock sizes can vary from small baseballs to large footballs

55lb - Great for nano and larger tanks. Rock sizes can vary from small baseballs to small soccer balls

ReefRock 2.1 is a dry rock that should be cured before use.

We recommend 1 pound of rock per 1 gallon of display tank volume for the average aquascape. Depending on the tank you may like more rock or less rock, however, we would always recommend ordering a few more pounds of rock than you may need, as any extra rock can always go into your sump for added filtration.

REEF ROCK 2.1 is the dry version of the live rock that is ready out on the market today. Walt Smith has noticed that the popular designs and other products are being sold as a decorative rock even though it is not quite live yet. When mixing this rock with a few pieces of established live rock your tank will get the benefit of both worlds. It’s possible, given the current trend, that this type of rock could dominate the market in the next few years. If so, Walt Smith is ready!

With rock that is already covered in what looks to be coralline algae, it will allow a new tank to look seasoned in just a few weeks. Here at BRS we have set up a couple tanks with Walt Smith's new Reef Rock 2.1, and have really enjoyed the look that it gives, as well as the unique shapes of the rocks, and porous internal structure. We have found that over time with herbivorous fish and invertebrates that pick at rocks that they may pick through the purple coating on the rock, however over time live coralline algae will cover those areas.

When you think about it, this rock actually becomes better than the wild choice and brings a truly sustainable solution to our hobby.

Reef Rock 2.1 is manufactured by mixing reef substrate, that is a mixture of sand, coral pieces, shells and more, with a cement mixture allowing natural textures and shapes to be created. The reef substrate mixture allows the rock to have a porous network within the rock giving it many of the natural characteristics of rock straight out of the ocean.

After the rock is handmade it is then cured for 6 or more weeks allowing the cement and reef substrate mixture to fully harden and neutralize before it has a thick coating of purple, reef safe, paint applied around the entire exterior of each rock.

ReefRock 2.1 is a dry rock that should be cured before use.

As with all of the ReefRock products the rocks colors will vary from Coraline pink to deep purple.

With each rock being handmade, a variety of rock will be in every box. We are unable to guarantee any specific sizes or shapes.

The UPS automation is not always gentle on heavy products like this and they do not consider this product insurable. Because of this, there is some inherent risk with shipping rock like this across the country and it is impossible to replace or refund broken pieces. If this happens most pieces can be repaired with epoxy.


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