The ARKA VIDA GT Dosing Pump and Stirrer

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The result of superior development.

Without compromise.

The boundaries of the familiar. Aquarium Care and redefine.

The 4-channel metering VIDA GT combines the ease of maintenance of aquariums, through the merits of integrated magnetic stirring device and an automatic emptying hose. The result: an unprecedented convenience for the perfect care of aquariums. And thus nothing less than an innovative redefinition of "automatic" dosing.

Magnetic stirrer and tube emptying. Chosen to break new ground.

Whether bacterial solutions or water conditioner, trace elements or liquid food suspensions: Comfortable dose is at its best when nothing is impossible. The integrated stirring unit with neodymium magnets convinced by the simplicity never to dose yourself. The automatic drain valve for hose with learning function of the hose lengths completes the new definition of "Easy" from.

When design combines with practicality.

Crisp, clean lines define her style. Large LCD display, high-quality ABS plastic, water-protected control panel and high-gloss surfaces show the character which we have given our VIDA GT. In addition, stainless steel screws, integrated depot holders and many other details. And thanks to our efficient production the VIDA GT is a quality product to the hammer price.

VIDA GT is more than a reliable partner for you and your animals. More than just a dosing system. It is both. Innovative and without compromise.

Innovation. Compressed to mere facts.

- 4-channel metering (expandable to 8-channel)

- Magnetic stirring device (automatic control) on 4 channels

- Automatic drain valve for hose with learning function (for use of bacteria and food suspensions)

- Minimal power consumption

- innovative design

- Made in Germany

- 11.5" x 7" x 4"

Important details:

Dosing channels: 4 freely programmable, individual shut-off

Dosing volumes: 1 - 1999 ml per channel per dosing

Dosing intervals: Periodically: 1-30 days / 1-24 hours
6 individually programmable dosing per day and channel
Individual programming of weekdays

Dosing times: Adjustable 0-24 hours

Dosing days: Monday - Sunday, or selected days

Dosing accuracy: ca. +/- 2% after calibration

Menu languages: German, English, French

Magnetic stirrer: 1 per channel

Design: Drive unit and stirring rod with neodymium magnets

Stirring times: 120 seconds, digitally controlled at 30 minutes & before each dosing

Hose emptying: 1 per channel

Design: Integrated version, configurable up to hose length of max. 6m

Power supply: 110-240 V 12 DC out 1000 mA

Connection cable: Network connector RJ 45 for slave module

Design: Splash-proof

Temperature range: 0 - 50 degrees Celsius

Material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: ca. 290 x 176 x 76mm


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