Stream Clean 5 lbs Aqua Meds

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Stream Clean keeps your pond clean and your fish healthy all season!
Uses Oxygen to break down debris
De-odorizes water and prevents odor from returning
Helps clear pond debris by lifting it to the surface for easy skimming
Great for targeting problem areas
Stream Clean's fast-acting formula is safe to use around plants, pets, and wildlife
Can be used to clean streams, rock surfaces, waterfalls, and fountains

Directions:After shutting off waterfall, pumps and filtration, remove as much debris as possible
Apply a light layer of powder directly to surface such as waterfalls and streams
For light treatments, use 2 tbs per 1,000 US gallons.
For heavy treatments, use 3 tbs per 1,000 US gallons.
For targeted treatment, use 5 tbs per sq ft.
Restart pumps and filtration after application.
Allow 24 hours for product to work, reapply once per week as needed.
Do not apply to live plants or filter media.
Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels for 48 hours after use, if levels rise above 0.5 mg/L, apply Aqua
Meds De-Tox Plus.


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