Sludge Remover 1 pound Aqua Meds

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Professional strength, concentrated beneficial bacteria. Especially formulated for rock and gravel bottom ponds!

Accelerates the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade. As organic solids accumulate on the pond bottom, they begin to breakdown releasing toxic gasses. These gaseous by-products are a danger to fish and other pond inhabitants. Aqua Meds Sludge Remover helps remove toxic fish waste, left over food and deadly gases that build up under the rocks and in the gravel of your koi pond. A big cause of pond water and fish health problems
100% NATURAL Pond Bacteria
Also works very well in ponds without gravel bottoms
Removes algae causing phosphorus
Reduces pond water odors and yellowing, improves water quality and clarity
Safe for pets, filters, plants and wildlife


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