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Salifert Iodine Profi-Test
Iodine is present in natural sea water in a very low concentration (0.6 mg/L or 0.06 PPM) and this iodine occurs as several different species including iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite.
There is a misconception among many hobbyists that iodide predominates in natural sea water but in fact, it is iodate which is the predominant element.
Test kits which are not capable of detecting iodate are not suitable for aquarium use, since in a properly functioning tank most of the iodide will be transferred to iodate and any test kits not able to detect iodate will give a false, low iodine reading.
Iodine test kits should be capable of measuring all forms of naturally occurring iodine. The Salifert Test Kit is the only one offering this feature, measuring all naturally occurring iodine compounds and giving a reading of total iodine concentration.
Unlike many other test kits, the Salifert Iodine Profi-Test is free from interference from other elements found in saltwater, which means the results obtained are very accurate.
Color remains stable for several hours.
Scale goes from 0.01 - 0.15ppm and optimum level is 0.06 mg/L.
Can provide up to 40 tests.
For marine use only.

Note:Use of so-called time released iodine supplements or supplements containing organically bound/complexed iodine species will give false results.

The presence of strong reducing substances such as ascorbic acid will also give false value. Some supplements do not contain ascorbic acid. Dechlorinators are also strong reducing substances.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store reagents out of light.

Instructions for Iodide Test:Rinse test vial before use with a little aquarium water and add 2ml of water with the syringe.
Add 6 drops of I2-3 and swirl gently for 2-3 seconds after each drop (I-2-2 is omitted in this procedure).
After exactly 4 minutes after adding this reagent compare colors with the iodide part of the color chart by holding the test vial with its side firmly against a white piece of the color chart and by looking through the opposite side.

Waiting longer than 4 minutes will cause further darkening of the colors. For color comparison use diffuse daylight. Sometimes the colors can have a more yellow tinge depending on the color temperature of the light.

If the color turns blue, purple or black or a precipitate forms then the iodide concentration is far above 0.2 ppm.

After each test rinse the test vial about ten times with tap or RO water.


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