Saki-Hikari Growth Medium Floating -33lb

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Hikari's Saki-Hikari Growth Koi Food is a formula that offers considerably improved growth with nutritional components that promote fat deposit free development. In addition to the improved growth of your Koi, this revolutionary formula contains a probiotic called the Hikari Germ. This unique, beneficial bacteria overpowers bad bacteria within your fish and nullifies the ability of bacteria to lethally infect your fish. Hikari Germ also accelerates the digestive process and reduces waste output, which helps keep your water clean and clear.
Premium growth-enhancing formula intended for Koi 8'' or longer
Highly digestible blend of nutrients
Helps keep water clean and clear

Sake Hikari Growth Koi Food is specifically formulated to safely improve the size of your Koi. Expect improved color and larger, healthier fish when using Sak -Hikari Growth Koi Food as a daily diet.


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