Nero 3 Submersible Wave Pump (2000 GPH) - Aqua Illumination (AI)

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The AI NERO 3 pump and powerhead by Aqua Illumination is able to do 2000 gallons per hour and is fully controllable. Get the myAI app on Google Play or the App Store and get a fully controllable pump right off your smartphone.

Features:Compact with a lot of flow; up to 2000 gallons worth
4 flow modes: Random - simulates high-energy reef environments
Pulse - undulating high and low flow
Constant - a continuous stream at a chosen intensity
Schedule - customize the pump`s mode for different parts of the day

Easy setup; just connect and go
Schedule settings via myAI, creating a schedule that suits your tank`s needs.
A ton of flow from a small in-tank footprint
Direct the the flow in a range of 15 degrees on all sides, to where your tank needs it most

Includes:Nero 3 Submersible pump
Dry-side and wet-side magnets
AC adapter w/ universal plug adapter set

Specifications:Max glass thickness = .5" or 13mm
Flow = up to 2000 gph
Input = 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A
Power consumption = Variable, 20 W max


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