MinnFinn Regular

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MinnFinn Regular and NeuFinn

Biodegradable Pond Treatment

For Koi and Goldfish

The Neutralizable Treatment that is:
Safe for you, your fish and the environment

MinnFinn is Effective for:Control of Protozoal Parasites; eg. Trichodina and Chilodonella in one (1) treatment and Costia in two to three (2-3) treatments
Control of Flukes in one (1) to three (3) treatments (species dependent)
Control of Ich in three (3) to five (5) treatments (Each case of Ich is unique and must be evaluated during treatment program for number of doses needed)
External Bacterial Infections such as Bacterial Gill Disease, Columnaris, Mouth Rot, and Fin Rot in one (1) to three (3) treatments
Controls fungus


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