Hudson Fill Valve 1" Gravity / Pressurized Flow

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The Hudson Valve is a Damage-Proof Automatic Valve Used for Fluid Control.

This 1" Universal Hudson Valve was redesigned with a new float, filter and insert to be more versatile nad longer lasting. The new materials allow the valve to work in water temperatures up to 175° F.

The Hudson Valve maintains fluid levels in various applications, replacing ball float valves. The Hudson Valve's internal parts are made of ABS plastic, EPDM rubber & stainless steel. Fluid levels force a float to rise and close the diaphragm chamber as the diaphragm expands to stop the incoming flow. When the fluid level drops, the diaphragm escape is opened and allows the fluid to fill the tank. The Hudson Valve is resistant to freezing.

Additional Benefits:No lever arm
No exterior moving parts
Installs in seconds
Fills FAST
No float ball or lever arm
Freezing won't damage it
High volume

Specifications:Thread: 1" FPT
Height: 5"
Diameter: 3.75"
PSI: 8-100
Max Fluid Temperature: 175° F

Applications:Livestock Tanks
Evaporative Coolers
Holding Tanks
Ponds & Swimming Pools
Car Washes
Irrigation Systems
Grounds Maintenance


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