Feeder Rosy Red Box (350-400 Count)


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Feeder Rosy Red Box (350-400 Count)

Type: pimephales promelas
Care Level: Very Easy
Water Conditions: PH 6-8 and Soft to Very Hard
Temperature: 32-100 (0-37C)
Maximum Size: 2 inches (5 cm)

The same qualities that make rosy red minnows great feeder fish, also make them one of the easiest fish to keep. It can be kept in densities that would kill any other tropical fish and tolerates both poor water quality and low oxygen levels in an aquarium. In the stores you will often see hundreds or even thousands crammed together with little in the way of water circulation and many will still be active and healthy after living in these wretched conditions.

Rosy red minnows can also tolerate a wide range of water types ??? from mildly soft to very hard water and a pH range of 6pH ??? 8 pH. These hardy minnow will also adapt to nearly any temperature, with reports of it thriving at temperatures below freezing, and in temperatures as high as 100F (37C). It prefers temperatures in the range of 70-80F (21-26C), and will breed continuously if it is kept at these temperatures.


In the wild, the rosy red minnow is an omnivore, and eats algae, plant matter, small invertebrates and insect larvae. In the home aquarium, they seem to prefer plant based foods, and if you are having trouble keeping rosy red minnows well fed, they should be fed a high quality spirulina flake or pellet food. I personally feed mine Hikari Spirulina Floating Pellets and while the food was created for koi, I have had tremendous success feeding it to my rosy red minnows.

They will also appreciate the occasional treat of frozen foods, and can be feed frozen bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp. These should be fed sparingly, and their main diet should be herbivore fish food.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy rosy red minnows is to experience their fascinated breeding behavior. While most minnows scatter their eggs and show no parental care, the rosy red minnow breeding behavior closely resembles a cichlids. In fact, rosy red minnows are probably the easiest fish to breed in the aquarium hobby, and many people with predator fish breed rosy red minnows to ensure they have healthy feeder fish.

In order to trigger breeding in this fish, you should provide a photo period of 12-14 hours a day and keep the temperature constant in the 70-80F range. When the male is ready to breed, he will develop fatty tissue and breeding tubercles on the top his head (thus the name fathead). Once he is ready to mate, he will claim a cave or overhang in the tank and clean the surface thoroughly with his head. Other males that are ready to breed may challenge the male for his newly claimed territory, but any fights are generally brief and rarely result in injuries.

After the male has successfully fought off any challengers, he will attempt to entice a female into the cave or overhang. An intricate dance will commence between the two fish, and if the male impresses the female, he will lead her back to the cave and she will deposit her eggs. The female is then usually pushed out by the male, and he sets about fiercely guarding the eggs.

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