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This Package Includes:

1 Clownfish Package


1 Anemone Package


Pick any Clowfish Pair from the list below.
Small - Small/Medium Size
Each is approx 3/4" -  1"
Clownfish Package Choices
x2 TR Clown: Black Ocellaris - Amphiprion ocellaris
x3 TR Clown: Cinnamon - Amphiprion rubrocinctus
x2 TR Clown: Gladiator - Amphiprion ocellaris
x3 TR Clown: Ocellaris - Amphiprion ocellaris
x2 TR Clown: Ocellaris Black Ice - Ocellaris Blackice
x3 TR Clown: Orange Skunk - Amphiprion sandaracinos
x2 TR Clown: Percula Platinum - Percula Plantinum
x2 TR Clown: Picasso Percula - Pomacentridae Amphiprioninae
x3 TR Clown: Pink Skunk - Amphiprion perideraion
x2 TR Clown: Snowflake - Ocellaris Snowflake
x2 TR Clown: True Percula - Amphiprion percula
x2 TR Clown: Jumbo Ocellaris - Amphiprion ocellaris
x2 Wyoming White Clownfish
x1 Assorted Bonded Pair
Anemone Choices
x1 Bubble Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor
x2 Flower Anemone - phymanthus
x1 Maxi-Mini Anemone: Color
x1 Sebae Anemone - Heteractis crispa
x2 Curlique Anemone
x1 Purple Tip Sebae Anemone


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