BTAC Ocean Potion 200gal Mix


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Ocean Potion® is a synthetic seawater formulation specifically formulated for use in keeping delicate SPS corals.

BTAC Industries, Inc. offers two formulations of high purity synthetic sea water for aqua culture, public aqua displays, large scale marine organism importing and wholesaling along with marine fish breeding, coral farming and general saltwater aquarium displays.

SEAMIX® All Purpose Marine Salt™ and Ocean Potion® SPS Reef Formula™ are sold in 25 kilos / 55 pound size packages. Each package will produce approximately 200 US gallons / 756 liters of optically clear, stable salt water working solution.

Both SEAMIX® and OCEAN POTION® are produced to exacting specifications utilizing high purity ingredients. Both formulations mix rapidly without residue. Both are among the most consistent blends of marine salts on the world market.

Assay of Ocean Potion at 1.026 S.G. at 77°F *

Ca 415 - 445 ppm.
Mg 1365 - 1410 ppm.
K 390 - 410 ppm.
SO4 2700 ppm.
Sr 9 ppm.
pH 8.3 - 8.4
Alkalinity 8.25 - 8.75

* +/- 3%



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