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Baby Leopard Tortoise


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Adult leopards grow from 9 to 18 inches long (most grow 9-12″ at full maturity) depending on where the tortoise comes from (what geographic subspecies it is from). The Giant South African subspecies, Stigmachelys pardalis pardalis, can grow up to 24 inches, however, most reach around 14-18″, and the leopard giants from Ethiopia and Somalia can grow up to 30 inches.

Consider that most of the time you will find the females outgrowing the males, however depending on the geographic origin of the leopard tortoise baby this may be reversed, or male and females may be of similar size. Remember that male leopards will have a concave plastron, and a longer tale, where females would have a much shorter tail and convex plastron.
A Leopard does very well whether they are living indoors or outdoors. Inside, consider building or purchasing a tortoise table style enclosure. Alternatively, provide an outside tortoise habitat in areas where the temperature does not dip below 55 degrees at any time. Secondly, a pair of adult leopard tortoises for sale can be kept in a 4 foot by 8-foot setup or tortoise table. Lastly, it is important that the walls are a solid material so the tortoise cannot see thru them.

Because of this and for that reason, aquariums are normally not recommended. Basically, do not use them unless the walls can be covered so the animals cannot see through them. Also, you should make sure the tortoise table walls are at least 16-18″ tall and can be made of wood, block or other material that prevents the baby leopard tortoise from seeing out. In closing, leopards are very calm and do not try to dig, or escape like some other breeds of tortoise may do.

  • Species of turtles & tortoises vary greatly as to the adult size they achieve as well as their diet - Please research or ask us before purchasing.
  • Turtles & tortoises vary in their ability to be easily kept - We'll be happy to help you choose an appropriate species.
  • Many of our turtles & tortoises require a relatively simple setup but some have more complex needs - we can help you with a correct setup.
  • Picture and video shown are a representation of this animal. As these are live animals, there will be aesthetic variations.

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