Algone Water Treatment Blister Pack

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Algone Water Clarifier & Nitrate Remover is the perfect filter supplement for any aquarium. The all-in-one filter pouches maintain, correct, and prevent common aquarium issues. Use Algone to simplify routine maintenance, as well as correct common problems such as cloudy aquarium water and nitrate removal. Algone also balances the fish tank, preventing potential problems and improving overall fish health. For tanks over 110 gallons. 6-Pack. To use, just place the Algone pouch directly into your filter. For preventative maintenance use a new Algone pouch every 2 to 4 weeks.
Algone clears cloudy aquarium water. Use Algone to remove nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite. Algone also removes dissolved organic waste and toxins.
Algone restores the aquarium’s natural balance through the removal of harmful waste and nutrients. As a result the water is polished crystal clear.
Problems caused by poor and deteriorating water quality are prevented. Algone continuously removes harmful waste which, if left unchecked, will lead to well known aquarium problems such as cloudy water, fish stress & disease, “ugly” tanks, etc.
For fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 110 gallons.
100% reef safe. 100% safe for planted aquariums.


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