50 Pounds - Base Rock ($1.88 Per Pound)


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50 Pounds - Base Rock

Our Dry Rock is premium hand selected Base Rock. Extremely porous and chock full of holes and crevices. Tested to have lower phosphate levels than Fiji and Pukani Dry Rock and they are completely environmentally friendly.

All our Dry Rock and Live Rock are calcium carbonate based and make an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer for saltwater aquariums and fish tanks.
They are mined from inside the earth and not from a coral reef. They are a byproduct of mining for more dense materials that are found deep below this very porous type of dry rock.

Lab analysis shows that our Dry Rock contains less than half the phosphates contained within Fiji Dry Rock, and nearly 400% less than Pukani Dry Rock.
Our Dry Rock is the premium Swiss cheese type of Dry Rock that is so highly sought after.

Requires absolutely no curing and is ready to be dropped into your saltwater fish tank or any marine aquarium.



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