4 pound Your Choice Aquatics Ceramic Mini Bio Balls

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The ABSOLUTE BEST bio media available for saltwater, reef, freshwater and koi pond
Made of long lasting, highly porous ceramic material
pH neutral - Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater filters
Effectively accelerates microorganism development; Removes ammonia & nitrites

Fired by high temperature so as to encourage the growth of nitrifying bacteria. Anti corrosion and provide water of the premium quality for your fish tank. No more hesitation, get one now. Extremely porous ceramic media for efficient biological filtration. They are used as the biological media in salt water and fresh water aquariums as well as ponds. Clarify your water naturally and cultivate beneficial bacteria with these porous ceramic media! Bio balls with their immense surface area per square inch serve as great hosts to beneficial bacteria in aquatic biological filtration systems. They are really simple to use: place into a mesh bag and drop into the filter.

Approximtely 3.5-4pound

Comes with Mesh bag


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