Powerhead Information

We need oxygen to breathe. So does your tank. Powerheads are submersible pumps that push water around. Facing them towards the surface of the water allows much better gas exchange, as this is the PRIMARY site for gas exchange in your tank. Without this water movement, your entire system would be dead in less than a day. There are a few kinds of powerheads including:

Standard 1 speed, that just push the water constantly.

Variable speed, which pulse and create reef like environments.

Wave makers, Ocean’s motion units and more, all mimic reef tides and crests. These can be expensive but they are very cool and cause your corals to pulse.

It does not matter which kind you get, you just need them. For bigger tanks you will need more powerheads and larger ones at that. I have three on my 30 gallon reef. The bigger the powerhead, the more water they can move pr hour. Having a sump also creates more flow because of the return line. This helps kick up detritus and stuff off your sand bed and allows it to be filtered. Your corals will love you for water movement.