Free Shipping Policy: Updated 12/29


2018 Website Updates include.  FREE SHIPPING / NO BOX CHARGE for ALL Marine & Freshwater Fish!

Our Goal before 2018 kick off is to have the entire website FREE SHIPPING / NO BOX CHARGE.


Yes, that is correct.  All Marine and Saltwater fish prices are the checkout price with NO additional add-on NATIONWIDE.  



*We are working on our reptile category for free shipping / no box charge as well.  Work in progress. 


To keep shipping FREE and livestock prices Low. We ship out orders on Wednesday of every week to arrival on Thursday.

We only use FedEx Overnight Priority as a method for shipping on LiveStock Packages. 


Care and Packaging:

Our primary concern is the health and safety of your fish.  To achieve this standard, we professionally package all aquatic life in the best materials and use the most direct and reliable shipping method which is FedEx Overnight.

Fish come from distributors who have already acclimated the fish to aquarium conditions after arrival from around the world.  Fish are then hand-picked and prepared for shipment to you.  Fish are packaged in properly conditioned saltwater with correct pH levels in heavy-duty poly bags to cushion and protect.  Each bag is filled with oxygen for optimal conditions and secured by a professional bag sealing technology.  The water and airtight bags are then housed in Styrofoam coolers along with a heat or ice pack, as seasonal conditions dictate. 

Acclimation Guide - Click Here

Order Processing Time Guidelines:

We do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. Since we are working with live products, there are times when shipments must be rescheduled; all orders are subject to reschedule. If we encounter a dilemma with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible and work to a resolution. Our main concern is the health of the aquaria life and ensuring healthy specimens arrive in the best condition. 

Tracking Your Order:

To track your order simply click on the tracking number link provided in the shipping email from FedEx to locate your package.

Order cancellations:

You may cancel your order, provided we have not yet processed it for shipping.  You will receive a refund for eligible canceled orders, less a 20% restocking fee.  Order cancellation requests must be sent by email.  We will respond promptly to let you know where we are in the process and if the order is eligible for cancellation.