COVID-19 - Shipping Update

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Our warehouse staff is trying to get all orders out as scheduled. There could be up to a 1-3 week delay. FedEx has severe overnight priority delay advisories, and we are at minimal staff due to COVID-19. 


We don't want to risk the health of the staff or livestock, so please note that there could be possible delays on your order at the moment. We will update this thread as the conditions get better. 



For all customers that would like to place an order and have us hold it in our system until this pandemic clears up and shipping resumes, please follow the below instructions. Also for this, we will honor you one of the below options for allowing us to hold your order.



Choose one of the below and add to the comments when you check out:

Also, put in comments, please "HOLD ORDER."

1. Free size upgrade on one item (If the next size is in stock)

2. Free x5 South American Cichlids Package 

3. Free x5 Mystery Snails

4. Mystery Frag Coral

5. Free Mystery Trigger Fish

6. Free Mystery Tang

7. Free x10 Marine Cleaner Crew

8. Free x5 Assorted Freshwater Plants

9. Free x5 Cory Fish

10. Free x10 Florida Plecos


Good News: 

The month of May 2020

1. We will have our Tampa Store & Warehouse Open to the public. Florida Residence will be able to pick up from either location

2. We will offer bulk discounts to our business that order from us on a Tier level program

3. We will move to 3-4 Days a week shipping

4. Reptiles will have same day shipping



For more guidance regarding COVID-19