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We take pride in our merchandise and live items.  All of our live items have been quarantined for a minimum of 14 days in our warehouse.

All items have been fully acclimated to aquarium life. All saltwater and freshwater fish are tanked for a specified period of time for acclimation, in proper water parameters, under specific conditions to allow the easiest adaptation to aquarium life. Once our livestock manager is assured they are ready for shipping will the new marine life be placed for sale and allowed to ship to their new home aquariums.

Store credit is not cash, can only be used for marine life purchases, and does not count towards reduced shipping charges.  Store credit cannot be combined with other coupon code related offers.  Use the offer that is best for you.  Accounts and store credit can be refused and removed by at its sole discretion. Store credit is for marine life only and expires 18 months after issue.

Please contact any of our sales representatives if you have questions or concerns about our livestock or dry goods items.

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