Chillers Information

A chiller is a device that cools water. Wait a minute… cools? We just spent money heating it up! Well the truth is, with the amount of equipment you are going to be running, you are going to produce some heat. If your tank gets too hot and turns into a sauna, you have problems. A chiller runs water through chilling lines and cools it with a radiator. Two quick things about chillers:

1. Chillers are not usually a necessary piece of gear
Chillers can be substituted by keeping room temperature constant, and by running fans that blow air over the water and lighting. Lifting up your lighting can also cool the tank by a degree or two. You can run PC fans through a power supply all over the place in the stand, or use a clip on fan from walmart.
2. Chillers need to be placed outside
Chillers produce hot air. Why would you want that hot air going anywhere near your tank after you just cooled it? Chillers truly should be located outdoors, where they can dispose of heat easily.