Aquarium Service

**We honor a life time guarantee for the livestock we supply in your tank while under our maintenance contract, or we will replace the fish for FREE**
**Please contact us for more details on this offer**

Tired of cleaning out that algae-ridden fish tank, and making a mess of any area near your aquarium? Take the burden out of maintaining your aquarium environment and let YourFishStore employees do it for you. We offer local setup and maintenance, and also offer consultation services. Whether you want to set up a new system or rejuvenate an existing one, Marine Solutions offers aquarium maintenance services for a broad variety of aquariums and filtration devices.

At YourFishStore we are a 24/7 full service aquarium maintenance company supporting both freshwater & saltwater systems and offering a full range of aquarium services including new installations, maintenance, guidance, and damage repairs.

If you need an Aquarium Service, would like to have your new aquarium installed, or are just tired of the hassle of maintaining your own aquarium in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC Metro Area, let us do the work for you. We are always available to provide quotes or estimates on any product or service needs you may have, including supplies, new decorations, additional equipment, complete aquarium setups or customized installations.

We are the answer to your aquarium service needs!

Allow us to create a beautiful underwater environment in your home or office. We take the hassle and headache out of owning an aquarium and leave you with just the best part, enjoying the beauty. We specialize in Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, as well as indoor ponds. New installations or maintenance on existing tanks. Purchase or Lease options available. 

Maintenance fees and schedules vary with the size of the tank and the filtration devices involved with that particular setup. We use high-quality reverse osmosis, deionized water, and is pre-mixed and pre-treated. Proper and regular maintenance is a key element to a successful aquarium, so get your tank on the right track

Whether your tank is located in your home or at your business, YourFishStore will keep your aquarium clean & healthy and your fish happy by providing regularly scheduled maintenance of your freshwater or saltwater fish tank at your residence or commercial location.

Let YourFishStore Staff take the hassle out of maintaining your system with a custom-tailored maintenance plan.  If you don't mind scraping algae off the glass occasionally, maybe a monthly visit is all that is needed. We'll also be happy to pamper you with weekly visits if your preference is to sit back and enjoy the view. No tank is too small or large. We will design, install and maintain aquariums from one gallon to any size you can dream of.

We focus on a high level of sustainability within our industry. By utilizing items such as high efficiency pumps, LED lighting, and high levels of filtration, we are able to decrease the energy used in our aquariums. Reef Fever also purchases tank raised fish as often as possible. By placing tank raised fish in our aquariums, we are saving many fish from being pulled form our world's oceans. Also, fish that have been raised in tanks are more suited to aquarium life than most from the ocean.

These are the standard services we provide for all our clients with aquariums:

Cleaning of tank glass and decorations
Tank top offs and partial water changes
Water quality testing
Feeding (including specialized feeding for animals with such requirements)
Inspection of equipment (including regular filter cartridge replacement) and inhabitants
Additives (trace elements, vitamins)
Removal and treatment of sick animals
Delivery and installation of equipment
Delivery and acclimation of livestock
Aquascaping and decorations


    We offer a service package for every size tank as well as equipment and livestock.
    We QT* and deliver requested fish and corals form our suppliers as well as any equipment needed. Let us know what you need or are looking for.