Snapper Fish

Snapper fish have over 100 species divided into 17 genre but not all are adequate for home aquariums because of their non-appealing appearance, strength and size. Some snappers can even live in brackish water.  Snapper’s habitat in deeper tropical and subtropical waters and mainly feed on crustaceans and small fish.  However there are a few that can make the cut for the home aquarium provided you have a larger tank with good filtration.  Keep with other large aggressive fish; keep consistent water parameters and feed a wide variety of meaty foods. 

Sweetlips get their name from their big fleshy lips.  There are 35 species found in the world.  Most grow up to 2-3 feet in length and require large aquariums when housed.  In the wild they are found in pairs or groups near over hangs in the day.  At night they will venture out to feed on small invertebrate prey.  You will notice juveniles swimming in an erratic pattern possibly acting like poisonous flatworms or sinking leaves with their camouflage.  Sweetlips will change color andform drastically throughout their life. Juveniles may have spots or splotches that will change to colorful lateral lines as they mature.