x2 (Two) Fancy Md/Lrg Clownfish (Quickship)


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x2 (Two) Fancy Md/Lrg Clownfish

Approx .75" - 1"

Tank Raised

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A. ocellaris Clownfish with a middle white stripe that is shaped like a snowflake.  Just like how no two snowflakes are the same, no two Fancy Snows are the same.  These clowns have an amazingly bright red-orange color outlined by dark black edges.  Many of them also develop a blue border on the inside edges of the white.  The parents of these clowns are an SA Fancy A. ocellaris and a “Snowflake” A. ocellaris

What is the gender of this clownfish?This clownfish is relatively large compared to other clownfish.  Because of this size and its relationship to other clownfish, we classify this clownfish as a female.  We recommend pairing this clownfish up with a smaller clownfish.

Clownfish Gender and Pairing:  All clownfish are born male and have the ability to change gender from male to female.  Dominance and aggression determine size and gender.  When two or more clownfish are grouped together the more dominant becomes the largest and the female while all others remain male.  Once a clownfish is female it will remain female for the rest of its life.  It can be difficult to determine if a clownfish is male or female based on size alone.  In order to provide the most accurate determination of gender, we also look at relationships within each clownfish group.  We invite our customers to mix and match their pairs based on our recommendations.  By pairing the clownfish of your choice, you can make matches that would be impossible to find anywhere else.  Pairing clownfish can be exciting and fun!