X1 Water Cow Goby Lrg


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  • Hey Cant find these gobys here in Germany Do you ship them to Germany ?

    Thank you for contacting YFS.

    We apologize, but unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a solid overnight shipping option from our area to yours. It usually takes 2-3 day for a package to arrive.

  • I would like the biggest cow goby available I also would want it to have the most interesting patterns.. Preferably a beautiful monstrous one😁 Is there any way I can communicate that with you all

    Hello,  If you would like to wait until next week.  We should have some monster size cow gobies in next week.

  • How big of a tank would I need?

    Hello,  We would recommend a 75 gallon + for cow goby to be comfortable.  They get pretty big over time. 

  • They water cow goby how many do you have and what size is a large in inches I’m looking for one that’s not too big yet if you have a picture of the once you have can you email me a pic plezz thank you I’ll really appreciate it!

    Hello,  The water cow gobies we have instock at the moment are about 5-6" each.