Tomato Frog


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Tomato Frog (Dyscophus guineti)
The tomato frog makes a hardy pet provided the basic care needs provided here are met. It is the largest member of the Microhylid group of frogs. Its native habitat is on the island of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa, where it inhabits forests and fields that receive heavy rainfall during the late spring and summer. Adult female tomato frogs exhibit an attractive, bright red-orange color, the origin of the frog’s common name.

Tomato Frog Availability
Tomato frogs are usually available throughout the year, but particularly during late spring and early summer in the U.S. Both captive-bred and wild-caught tomato frogs show up in the pet trade; I recommend starting out with a young captive-bred tomato frog, because captive-bred frogs are much more likely to be free of parasites and disease, both of which are a larger risk in wild-caught frogs. Young tomato frogs display a yellowish brown color on top, and a pale gray-brown color on the sides. If you can’t find captive-bred juveniles in a local pet store, they are commonly available at reptile shows and from online vendors.


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