Suriname Horned Frog


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Scientific Name: Ceratophrys cornuta

Type: Amphibians

Diet: Carnivores

Group Name: Army, Colony

Size: 4 to 6 in (10 to 15 cm)

Weight: Up to 1 lb (480 g)

The Surinam Horned frog is perhaps the most striking in appearance of all the horned frogs due to its high “horns” over the eyes and extremely large mouth in relation to the length of its body. Body colors vary from light and dark shades of green to dark brown to beige. The throat of both sexes is black. It is virtually impossible to determine sex other than by the size difference in adult animals with the male being substantially smaller.

Surinam horned frogs collected from the wild feed primarily on other frogs while those bred in captivity are much less selective, feeding on crickets as well as other insects, and small mice.
Common Name: Surinam Horned Frog


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