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Rope fish are an ancient species. Fossils reveal that these fish have been swimming in Earth's waters for more than 75 million years, successfully weathering numerous natural catastrophes.

Rope fish also known as reed fish (Erpertoichthys calabaricus) are a freshwater fish species, that belong to the bichir fish family. Native to parts of Africa, these fish are found in the Chiloango river in Congo, and the Ogun river in Nigeria. They are great for community fish tanks, which hold non-aggressive species. Caring for rope fish is not very difficult, because of their calm disposition. Regular feeding and cleaning of the tank, along with some arrangements to keep them contained in the aquarium, will keep your rope fish healthy, and give them a long lifespan.

Besides these remarkable physical characteristics, the Rope Fish is an interesting fish with a lot of personality. It is a curious and peaceful nocturnal fish that does well with other larger, peaceful fish. Due to its poor eyesight and nocturnal habit, the Rope Fish may seem, at times, reserved or reclusive. However, the Rope Fish is a social fish that prefers the company of other Rope Fish. The ideal setup is a large aquarium capable of housing two or more Rope Fish.

The aquarium should be heavily planted with plenty of hiding nooks created with roots or driftwood. Because the Rope Fish tends to move snake-like at the bottom of the aquarium, a fine gravel or sand substrate is recommended. The Rope fish is a notorious escape artist that can also jump a great distance. It is essential that the aquarium is equipped with a tightly fitting lid without holes. Though the Rope Fish is primarily a freshwater species, the addition of some aquarium salt may be beneficial.

The Rope Fish is a carnivorous fish that requires live food in its diet. Chopped meats, beef heart, insect larva, as well as tubifex, bloodworms and earthworms may also be included in the Rope Fish diet.
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