Pygmy Octopus


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Octopuses live anywhere from 6 months (pygmy) to 3-5 years (Giant Pacific Octopus) to possibly a few years longer in colder waters. At the end of her life, the octopus mother lays eggs, which she guards and cares for in her den. She begins to waste away and eventually dies, usually soon after the eggs hatch. There are two types of octopus eggs - some octopuses produce very small eggs, and the hatchlings are tiny and exist as a type of plankton until they eventually grow larger and sink to the ocean bottom to begin their life as octopuses. The larger eggs produce larger hatchlings that look like tiny octopuses.

Octopuses are sometimes kept as pets and are the most successfully kept cephalopod. They need to be kept in a "species tank", a salt-water aquarium devoted to one octopus. Although most of these octopuses are "wild caught", there are people trying (with some success) to breed octopuses to sell as pets. The most popular species seems to be O. bimaculoides, a small California octopus that lives near the shore and is active during the day. Other types of octopuses found in peoples' homes are O. vulgaris, various pygmy species, and the "Bali octopus". Often the pet dealers do not know what species they're selling and may offer them as "brown octopuses", "tropical octopuses," or "transparent octopuses."

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  • What is the approximate adult size including Tentacle length? What temp should the water be kept at? Are they Poisonous?

    Hello,  These are about the size of a 50 cent piece and they are not poisonus.  Temp should be around 76-78 degrees.

  • What do they need in their tanks? For example filtration, hides, plants, heat/cold etc.

    Hello,  Can you email us and we can send you some information on the care of the octopus? 

  • can they be sexed

    Hello,  Unfortunately we don't sex them.  We can try but we cant guarantee the sexes.  We usually ship out from what we have in stock. So we try not to make any promises on the sexes that will be shipped out. 

  • whats the species name and how big do they get?

    Hello, They Pygmy Octopus (Octopus joubini) are  and the Max. Size 5½"

  • Can they live in a freshwater tank?

    Hello,  Unfortunately this can only live in a marine saltwater tank. 

  • What level of care are they?

    Hello,  These are expert level types.  They generally do good in tanks by themselves. 

  • How long do these live in a 75 gallon aquarium

    Hello,  Under the right conditions they can live for 2-5 yrs in a well established aquarium.

  • are they aggresive and what should i feed them

    Hello,  They can be aggressive.  Probably would need a tank for them self.  We feed them hermit crabs. 

  • freshwater or saltwater

    Hello,  These are saltwater. 

  • How big will he get? And what is the minimum tank size?

    Hello,  The pygmy octopus body is a between a quarter size and a 50 cent piece size.  We would recommend 55 gallon take or larger as they grow in to adult hood.