Orange Sea Horse


$ 168.54 

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  • Are the Orange seahorses tank raised or wild caught? Do they need only live food or will they eat frozen mysis shrimp?

    Hello,  They are farm raised.  We do feed them mysis shrimp.  Most of the time they are live food but it is possible to adapt time to other types of food.

  • I’m interested in getting a couple of the orange sea horses. Do y’all sale them as a mating pair . If so do / will there be a discount on the pair ? Will the price be x2

    Hello,  We do sell them as mate pairs and singles.  Please email us at support at your fish store and we can send you over our instock list.

  • Are these wild caught?

    Hello,  The batches we get are usually farm raised. 

  • What species is orange seahorse How large is large orange vs show? Are they eating exclusively frozen Mysis?

    Hello,  These are hippocampus reidi types

  • How large is large orange seahorse vs show. What species is orange seahorse And are they eating frozen mysis

    Hello These are approx 3-5" each.  We do feed them mysis shrimp and they are hippocampus reidi types