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This maintenance contract is establish for long term contracts. Most of our customer whom use this contract our looking for a routine maintenance service. Our staff will have a schedule time we will show and conduct maintenance.

We usually have two visits per month.

For businesses, we can arrive after hours and conduct aquarium maintenance.

For private home hobbyist, we can set an routine schedule that will best benefit you.

Additionally, We will guarantee all of our livestock that is your aquarium.
If your fish becomes unhealthy or dies while we are under contract. We will replace it for free!! This guarantee your aquarium will always be stocked.

Services that will be conducted during visit:

*Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces.
*Rake and siphon debris from gravel bottom.
*Change chemical filtration media if needed.
*Clean overflow filtration pads if needed.
*Empty Protein Skimmer collection cup.
*Clean covers and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits.
*Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants, etc.
*Check the inventory of food and replace if needed.
*Check color, smell and temperature of water.
*Top off water.
*Visual check equipment, air and water flow.
*Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming and breathing

*All food, equipment and supplies will be order for you wholesale and a very low rate.
*All fish purchase will be discounted.

*This price only include labor cost. Cost of supply and material used to conduct maintenance are not include. Depending on the size of the job it is and additionally $10 - $40

Please Use Our Contact form and send us a description of what your aquarium needs are:

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We service Northern VA, Washington DC, and some parts of Maryland. Coverage area is 70 miles from zip code 22405.