Kenyan Sand Boa


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Kenyan Sand Boa (Eryx colubrinus)
The Kenyan sand boa has a dedicated and growing following due to its manageable size, passive personality and simple captive care requirements. The Kenyan sand boa is also referred to as the “East African sand boa,” although hobbyists have largely adopted “Kenyan” for the common name.

Kenyan Sand Boa Availability
Captive-bred Kenyan sand boas are usually easy to locate. Reptile breeders and pet stores are good sources to find Kenyan sand boas. The naturally occurring color of Kenyan sand boas is beautiful as it is, but there are also plenty of color morphs to choose from. Some of the available morphs for Kenyan sand boas include albino, anerythristic, snow, paradox, striped, tiger and others.

Kenyan Sand Boa Size
The Kenyan sand boa is a small boa, with females reaching little more than 2 feet in length. Male Kenyan sand boas tend to be smaller than females, rarely exceeding 20 inches in length. Kenyan sand boas have a heavy, stout body.


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